Community Outreach

What is Benny’s Community Outreach Program?

The Benny’s Outreach program is the charitable arm of Benny’s Enterprises Ltd which aims to assist, support and uplift individuals, organizations, and communities; in the areas of social development, environmental conservation, and education; regardless of race, gender, political affiliation, religion, and sexual orientation.


The Benny’s Outreach Program’s vision is to create a lasting positive impact on Belizean communities and the environment, engendering a prosperous and developed society.


Our mission is to positively impact Belizean individuals and communities by supporting education, social development, environmental conservation, and other areas that contribute to our society’s development.

Targets & Goals

  • Rehabilitation & improvement of recreational, social, and personal spaces/environments within neighborhoods of need
  • Contributing to educational development initiatives
  • Supporting environmental conservation

How to Support?

Monetary Support can be provided via the BBUCKS™ App and donating their BBUCKS or by emailing and expressing an intention to become a benefactor. In addition to funding the program, Benny’s will also match all donations regardless of the amount donated.


Feel free to contact us via email at or give us a call today 223-6236.