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Master LaQ™ High Solids Pigmented 331x Line

Master LaQ™ High Solids Pigmented 331x Line

Product Information

Product Code: 445-01-10515

Description: MasterLaq™ 331X Series Lacquers are high quality pigmented lacquers that are quick drying hand have exceptional hiding power in addition to possessing excellent flow, leveling and adhesion. Available in 3 sheens and in black or white, they can be used over both wood and properly primed metal for that smooth, lacquer finish. MasterLaq 331X series products are HAPs and VOC compliant.
Where To Use: Wood, Metal
Application:  On new wood, apply a coat of one of the MasterLaq™ undercoaters. Allow the undercoater to dry, then sand with 280-320 grit, silicon carbide sandpaper. On bare metal, 3311 Series Lacquers are self-priming. Topcoat with one or two coats of MasterLaq™ 331X series, pigmented lacquer. Entire system not to exceed 4 mils dry. Apply by spray at 3-4 mils wet; 1.1 – 1.3 mils dry. Product should be reduced as necessary with MasterLaq™ 3645.191 Lacquer Thinner, however reduce only as required for specific equipment. Thin only to the extent necessary to achieve proper atomization and flow of material. May be applied by conventional, airless or HVLP spray.
Conventional – Fluid pressure 10 – 15 PSI, atomization pressure 30 – 40 PSI, temperature 77º F.
Airless – Atomization pressure 1000 – 1500 PSI, at 77º F.
Coverage: Up to 350 Sq. Ft. Per Gallon
Dry Time: Dust Free: 5 Minutes
Light Sand: 20-30 Minutes
Re-coat: 30-45 Minutes
Cure Time: 2-3 Days
Sizes Available:  1 Gallon
Color:  Black Gloss

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