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BH Perma-Cote™ Tropical Oil Paint

BH  Perma-Cote™ Tropical Oil Paint

Product Information

Product Code: 434-01-15000

Description: Perma-Cote Tropical House Paint is a premium quality oil/alkyd finish, especially formulated for the tropics. Its long lasting gloss amongst other properties makes it the very best house paint available today. Perma-Cote is the Great Self Priming Paint.
Where To Use: It is for general use on all interior and  exterior surfaces.
Application: Stir thoroughly. Apply by brush or roller after thinning with a high quality Mineral Spirits. For spray application, thin with 1 pint thinner per gallon. Allow each coat to dry thoroughly. Usually dries 6-8 hours.
  • Priming Wood - On resinous surfaces apply 1 coat B-H aluminum Wood Primer. On all but the most resinous woods, apply 1 coat Perma-Cote or Perma Primer White to prime.
  • Metal - Apply 1 coat B-H Zinc Chromate Metal Primer red or yellow, followed by 2 coats Perma-Cote
  • Masonry Surfaces - Apply 1 coat alkali resistant primer to surfaces that are expected to have alkaline substances followed by 2 coats Perma-Cote
  • Coverage: 350-450 square feet per U.S. gallon depending on porosity of surfaces.
Dry Time: 3 hours
Re-coat: 12 Hours.
Full Cure: 10 Days
Sizes Available: 1 Gallon, Quart, 5 Gallon (white only)
Colors: See Color Chart!
Stock #: 434-01-15000  to  434-04-15039

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