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Snow Roof System Elastomeric™

Snow Roof System   Elastomeric™

Product Information

Product Code: 610-01-65544

Description: A bright white, premium grade, elastomeric, water-based, liquid rubberized roof coating. Easy to apply, it flows into cracks and crevices, seals leaks, and dries rapidly to form a 500% elastic surface that remains flexible at -32 degrees Fahrenheit. Resists cracking and peeling from expansion and contraction, bonds to most roof surfaces, aged aluminum coatings, urethane foam, polystyrene foam, metal and concrete. 90% reflective coating lowers interior temperatures dramatically.
Where To Use: Metal, Aged Aluminum Coatings, Concrete, Fiberglass, Spray Urethane Foam, Masonry, Stucco
Application: Run a test patch in an inconspicuous area to ensure proper adhesion and drying. Coating can be used in temporary ponding water situations. Where ponding will last longer than three days, the roof must be repaired to provide proper drainage. Allow 24 hours rain-free dry time.
Clean and Prepare Roof: remove all dirt, debris and clear rust to clean surface. Repair any holes. Use a mild solution of bleach and water to remove any mildew, mold or algae from surface. Rinse thoroughly and let dry. A thorough cleaning may include power washing. Roof must be dry prior to application.
Prime, Tape Surface: prime all black Asphaltic surfaces with Elasto Seal Rubberized Undercoat Primer. Repair all cracks, breaks, open seams and other imperfections, or where two unlike materials meet with Contouring Seam Tape to provide additional strength and reinforcement. Brush out a liberal coat of Elasto-Seal Rubber Undercoat Primer, about sin inches wide, roll seam tape into coating. Apply another coat immediately to embed the tape. Let dry 24 hours. Prime surface smooth.
Pour It On & Spread It Out: pour from container and spread with a low nap roller or broom. Slight stirring of product may be necessary. Apply 2-3 coats as needed, allowing adequate drying time between coats.
Coverage: Approximately 100 Square Feet per Gallon
Dry Time: 24 Hours
Sizes Available: 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon
Color: White

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