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Coronado Industrial Coatings™ Coro-Bond Acrylic DTM Primer

Coronado   Industrial Coatings™ Coro-Bond Acrylic DTM Primer

Product Information

Product Code: 440-01-27000

Description: CORO-BOND™ Acrylic DTM Primer is a water based, rust inhibitive primer coat designed as a companion to the 180 and 182 Acrylic DTM Primer Finishes, for steel, iron, and non-ferrous metals. The product provides excellent adhesion to a wide variety of hard to coat surfaces as well. The formulation contains flash rust inhibitors as well as long term corrosion inhibiting pigments to provide years of rust prevention. Designed for light to moderate industrial exposures, this product may be top coated with a wide variety of coating chemistries. Additionally, this product may be applied to properly prepared steel as well as tightly adhering rust. The low odor characteristics and water-based formulation makes this an ideal choice for use in occupied areas. This product may also be used as a flat finish coating.
Where To Use: Carbon Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Galvanized, Other Non-Ferrous Metals, Glass, Lexan, Concrete, Drywall
Application: Mix the product thoroughly before application. The use of a drill mixer at low speed will best accomplish this task. Application in normal temperatures (45 to 90°F) or normal humidities (30 to 95%) should not require thinning, however small amounts of water may be used if necessary. Do not thin more than 20%. Do not use thinners other than water.
Airless Spray: Tip range between 15 and 19 thousandths. Total fluid output pressure at tip should not be less than 2400 psi.
Air Spray (Pressure Pot): DeVilbis MBC or JGA gun, with 704 or 765 air cap and Fluid Tip E. NOTE: Do not allow material to remain in hoses, gun or spray equipment. Thoroughly flush all equipment with recommended thinner.
Brush: Synthetic Bristle.
Roller: High quality short nap cover
Coverage: 350-450 square feet per gallon.
Dry Time: Dries to touch:  2 Hours @ 55° F,   30 Minutes @ 77° F,   15 Minutes @ 100° F
Re-coat: 8 Hours @ 55° F,   2 Hours @ 77° F,  1 Hour @ 100° F
Sizes Available:  1 Gallon
Color: White

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