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Insl-x Clorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint™

Insl-x   Clorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint™

Product Information

Product Code: 442-01-86288

Description: A chlorinated rubber base coating for new or old concrete pools. Durable in fresh or salt water. Resists fading, fungus, algae, abrasion and alkalis. See Insl-x Swimming Pool Paint Brochure for complete instructions regarding application.
Where To Use: Concrete, Gunnite, Marcite, Pools
Application:Surface Preparation:  To insure color uniformity, mix multiple gallons into a large container and stir adequately. For best results apply no more than 2 light coats of paint, waiting a minimum 12-24 hours between coats. A maximum wait between coats is 72 hours, to avoid having to re-clean. Not recommended on fiberglass or gel-coat pools and spas. Not for use on surfaces where water temperature reaches 105 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.
Allow final coat of pool paint to cure a minimum 7 days prior to filling the pool. Indoor pools allow 14 days prior to filling.
Spray Application: Thin paint approximately 10%-15% by volume, using TH-0208. Always mix paint thoroughly and box all gallons to insure color uniformity.
Coverage:  266 square feet per gallon at two mils dry
Dry Time:To touch: 30 minutes
 Re-coat: in 24 hours
Sizes Available: 1 Gallon
Color: Royal Blue, Ocean Blue, White
Stock #: 442-01-86288  to  442-01-86290

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