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Coronado Industrial Coatings™ Coropoxy Coal Tar Epoxy

Coronado   Industrial Coatings™ Coropoxy Coal Tar Epoxy

Product Information

Product Code: COR3377

Description: COROPOXY™ Polyamide Coal Tar is a high solids, two component tar filled coating that provides excellent film build in one or two coats. The high level of cross-linking provides an excellent barrier coat for immersion service in fresh water, salt water or waste water. Additionally, this product is resistant to many acids, alkalis and mild solvents in splash and spill exposures. The high build of this product provides an excellent non-conductive film for use between dissimilar metals. This product may be applied direct to prepared ferrous metal and concrete, however, a primer is recommended for maximum life expectancy.  COROPOXY™ Polyamide Coal Tar is designed for the waste water treatment, chemical processing, pulp and paper, and industrial maintenance markets or anywhere a tar filled polyamide epoxy is required for excellent resistance to water, chemicals and underground exposures.
Where To Use: Properly prepared and/or primed Steel, Iron, Concrete, and non-ferrous metals
Application: Mix each individual component thoroughly prior to inter-mixing the two. ”A” and “B” must be combined together (4:1 ratio) and thoroughly mixed and then allowed to induct for a period of 30 minutes. The use of a drill mixer at low speed will best accomplish this task. Do not mix partial containers. Thin with Xylene ONLY. SEE THINNING INSTRUCTIONS ON PAGE THREE.
Airless Spray (Preferred Method): A 30:1 pump (minimum) is required to adequately spray this product. Tip range between 25 and 31 thousandths. Total fluid output pressure at tip should not be less than 2400 psi.
Air Spray (Pressure Pot): Not recommended due to excessive amount of thinner necessary to atomize.
Brush: Stiff Natural Bristle only.
Roller: Industrial Cover with Phenolic core.
Coverage: 142 Squar Feet @ 8 Mils DFT
Dry Time:   Touch Dry Time: 4 Hr. @55°F, 2 Hr. @77°F, 1 Hr. @100°F
Min Recoat: 24 Hrs. @55°F, 12 Hrs. @77°F, 6 Hrs. @100°F
Max Recoat : 144 Hrs. @55°F, 72 Hrs. @77°F, 36 Hrs. Days @100°F
Sizes Available: 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon
Color: N/A

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