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Coronado Maxum-Prep™ Spray Formula Deck & Wood Stripper

Coronado  Maxum-Prep™ Spray Formula Deck & Wood Stripper

Product Information

Product Code: 445-01-10000

Description: MAXUM-PREP™ Spray Formula Deck & Wood Stripper- is a ready to use, biodegradable stripper developed to remove acrylic and solvent based stains and transparent wood finishes from pine, cedar, redwood, and pressure treated lumber decks, fencing, and siding.
Where To Use: Decks, Fences, Railings, Shingles, Vertical Siding
Application: Prior to application test product in an inconspicuous area and allow to dry thoroughly before use. Surface must be dry and above 50ºF Surfaces will be extremely slippery during the application and rinsing process.
1. Apply MAXUM-PREP™ Spray Formula Deck & Wood Stripper liberally and evenly with a MAXUM® Pump Style Sprayer at a rate not to exceed 150 square feet per gallon. On vertical surfaces apply from the bottom to the top. DO NOT APPLY IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT OR TO HOT SURFACES. If drying does occur, mist surface lightly with water and reapply stripper. 2. Allow Spray Formula Deck & Wood Stripper to work for approximately 5-15 minutes or until the coating has softened or lifted. 3. Agitate surface with a stiff deck brush as required to loosen coating. 4. Rinse surface thoroughly with a garden hose or power washer. A power washer will eliminate the need for agitation. NOTE: To avoid damage to the wood surface if using a power washer, DO NOT EXCEED 1000 PSI and always work in the direction of the grain. Additional applications may be needed to completely remove all coatings. 5. To brighten and neutralize Cedar, Redwood and other tannin bleeding woods, we recommend neutralizing the surface with MAXUM-PREP Wood Brightener within 2-3 days of stripping. 6. To neutralize the pH of the wood surface after stripping, wash surface thoroughly with MAXUM-PREP™ Mill Glaze remover as per label instructions.
Coverage: Up to 150 Sq. Ft. per Gallon
Dry Time: Allow surface to dry for 24-48 hours before applying stain.
Sizes Available: 1 Gallon
Color: N/A

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