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Tropical Colors™Gloss Oil

Tropical Colors™Gloss Oil

Product Information

Product Code: 434-01-10030

Description: Tropical Colors Gloss Oil is a lead free, non-toxic and mildew resistant finish for exterior and interior surfaces. Its non-chalking gloss finish retards dirt collection so it stays clean looking longer.
Where To Use: Wood, Metal, Shingles, Masonry
Application: Mix thoroughly to assure color uniformity. May be thinned with up to 1/8 gallon of mineral spirits per gallon of paint. May be brushed or sprayed. Paint walls with up and down short overlapping strokes, moving from dry areas to wet. Do not brush or roll excessively. Let dry. Touch up missed spots. Clean up hands and tools with Mineral Spirits.
Coverage: Up to 450 square feet per gallon
Dry Time: To Touch: 4-6 Hours
Re-coat: 8 Hours
Sizes Available: 1 Gallon
Colors: See Color Chart!
Stock #: 434-01-10030  to  434-01-10050

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Tropical Colors

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