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Installing Drywall

To get professional results with drywall, simply grab a friend, safety glasses and follow these tips.  

  • Lay drywall panels on the floor until you're ready to use them.

    Note: Laying drywall flat avoids bending or breaking.  

  • Always work from top to bottom, running drywall sheets perpendicular to the framing
    (figure A). 
  • Hang drywall on the ceilings before the walls and consider renting a drywall lift to hold the ceiling sheets in place (figure B). 
  • Then, use a drywall screw gun and drywall screws to secure the sheets to the joists. 
  • For panels covering a vent, light fixture or window, use a rotary saw to cut the opening. 
  • Apply drywall tape and compound along the seams
    (figure C). 
  • Once dry, finish seams using a drywall sander.

    Note: Have a dust mask available when sanding. Use a sander equipped with a bag to keep drywall dust to a minimum.  

  • Add primer and paint, and you'll have a beautifully finished room.


Figure A

Figure B

Figure C

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