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Job Title: Maintenance Manager (1 Position available for Bze City)
Job Description:
  • Must have educational background and / or coursework in mechanic repair
  • At least one year in a supervisory position of repair technician
  • Must have good knowledge of diesel engine operation and modern diesel engine controls
  • Efficiently manage various maintenance technicians
  • Receive and execute requests for service and repair from company departments
  • Maintain service logs of all company equipment
  • Review standards against technician performance
  • Implement quality control standards for all repairs
  • Compile reports as requested by management
  • Must have a valid driver's license
  • Team Player
  • Result Oriented
  • Mature and Responsible
  • Experienced in good customer relations
  • Ability to demonstrate confidence in interacting with others
Considered a Plus:
  • Bi-Lingual (English & Spanish)
  • Formal course in automotive repair work
  • Knowledge of computer diagnostics, welding and refrigeration
  • Knowledge of electronics and appliance repairs

Job Title: Heavy Diesel Mechanic (1 position available for Bze City)
Job Description:
  • Maintain and repair heavy diesel-powered equipment
  • Must have at least a first level certicate in automotive repair
  • Good repair knowledge of air brake systems, diesel injection systems, hydraulic systems and diesel diagnostics
  • Must have a valid driver’s license
  • Travelling to districts to repair vehicles and equipment when necessary
  • Willing to work overtime when needed
  • Mature, Responsible, Organized
Considered a Plus:
  • Knowledge of diesel engine repair, small engine and/or automotive electricity is a plus
  • Knowledge of Marine engines and propulsion systems

Job Title: Security Guard (1 position available for Bze City)
Job Description:
  • Patrol and inspect property to protect against fire, theft, vandalism, and illegal activity
  • Protect employer’s investment, enforce laws on the property, and deter criminal activity and other problems
  • Receive and implement instructions from Management
  • Professional & Personal Recommendations Required
  • Experienced in Security Field Required
  • Must speak fluent English
  • Must be willing to take instructions
  • Willing to work day shifts & night shifts
  • Willing to work Irregular hours and/or shifts, Holidays and weekends, Overtime and extended hours
  • Mature
  • Responsible
  • Honest
  • Show good judgment and common sense
  • Professional attitude towards the job
Considered a Plus:
  • High School Education
  • Bi-Lingual (English & Spanish)

Job Title: Warehouse Assistant
Job Description:
  • Assisting with loading and unloading of goods in warehouse and deliveries
  • Assisting with deliveries
  • Assisting in general store-related tasks
  • Professional & Personal Recommendations required
  • Must speak fluent English
  • Must be willing to take instructions
  • Willing to work Monday to Saturday and long hours when necessary (overtime will be paid)
  • Strong
  • Responsible
Considered a Plus:
  • High School Education
  • Bi-Lingual (English & Spanish)

Interested persons are asked to send in the following:
Application Form, Resume, 2 Reference Letters, Utility Bill, Social Security Card, Police Record, and a Driver's License (when applicable)

TO: Human Resources Manager
Benny's Homecenter
P.O. Box 215,
Belize City, Belize
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Application forms are available at the Benny's Homecenter on Regent Street or you can download a copy here.



We only contact those persons short listed for interviews. If you would like to inquire on the status of your application please contact HR at Benny's Enterprises Ltd.

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